McCurdy Mares


“Good Golly Miss Molly of Dunrovin” (Mercy)

                                           F-104   April 1988

Foundation registered McCurdy Plantation Horse and Racking Horse.  15.3 hands.  Excellent size, gait, conformation and disposition.  The ultimate example of a McCurdy mare.  She has been field trialed and also shown in the ring.

Summer Showcase in Texas - July 2000 Reserve Pleasure Champion All Gaited Breeds

Blue Ribbon winner in” RH Trail Pleasure English, RH Western Pleasure, and RH Country





2003 filly - McCurdy’s Hallelujah

2004  filly - McCurdy’s Helles Belles

2005  colt - McCurdy’s Mountain Man


2007  colt - McCurdy’s Wholly  Smoke

“Misty Maria McCurdy”   (Misty)

                           00008 - April 2000

Excellent  bloodlines.  Smooth gait.  Perfect conformation.  Loving and willing disposition. True bay roan.   Her dam is Misty Morning McCurdy and her sire is

Red’s Letohatchee Legend.


2005  filly - McCurdy’s Neat Trick

2007  colt - McCurdy’s Doc Holliday

“McCurdy’s Miss Bonnie”  (Bonnie)

                                            F-213   May 2000

2000  Foundation McCurdy mare.  14.3 hands.  A Beautiful dappled gray mare going flea bit, with a chiseled head, big sweet eyes, deep chest, short back, and long-striding smooth gait.  Her dam is Foundation registered McCurdy’s Grey Thunder F-148, and her sire is TWH Pusher’s Boomerang 930986 by The Pusher C.G.  She is wonderful under saddle and a terrific broodmare.


2005  colt - McCurdy’s Cadillac Jack

2007 filly - McCurdy’s Mischief Maker

“McCurdy’s Hallelujah”  (Halley)

                  03006   March 2003

Halley is a true red silver roan filly with a gorgeously chiseled head, deep chest, short back, and stout legs.  She is a flashy, self-impressed, well-gaited wonder.  She is under saddle and has experience on the trails.  She is a wonderful trail horse as well as would be the perfect McCurdy broodmare.  Her dam is Good Golly Miss Molly of Dunrovin (Mercy) and her sire is McCurdy’s New Tradition.

“McCurdy’s Helles Belles”  (Belle)

                    04002   April 2004

Belle is a beautiful blue roan filly going gray.  She is a full sister to McCurdy’s Hallelujah.  Her dam is Good Golly Miss Molly of Dunrovin (Mercy) and her sire is McCurdy’s New Tradition.  She is flashy, smooth as silk in gait, intelligent headed, and she has huge eyes, a short back and is big hipped.  She has the McCurdy “Lick”.  She is calm, willing, and eager please under saddle.  She is destined for endurance or trail riding.  She has had three months of professional training and is ready to go.

2008  filly - McCurdy’s Tabasco Kat

2008  filly - McCurdy’s Jewel

“Go Boy’s Crescent Moon”   (Moon)

03016      May 21, 2003

“Moon” is the most recent addition to the J-Bar Farm brood mare band, arriving on October 31st 2009!    Purchased from Pixie and Jim Jarvis of Drakes Creek Farm, in Bowling Green,  Kentucky, “Moon” has outstanding old time McCurdy bloodlines. She is a daughter of “Go Boy McCurdy”, a foundation McCurdy sire and out of a daughter sired by “Pouncey’s Midnight Chase”.   Foundation McCurdy bloodlines do not get any better than this! 

“Moon” is a beautiful bay mare with all black points and a small crescent on her forehead.  She stands at 15 hands and has gorgeous conformation.  She is short backed, deep chested, and  is a large hipped beauty!  Her head is beautiful with large dark eyes.  Her four-beat gait is very smooth and natural.  June has already completed three 50 mile endurance rides on her this Spring of 2010. 

We thank Pixie and Jim, first for their friendship, and second for allowing us to purchase this exceptional mare.   


2010 colt - McCurdy’s Limited Edition

2010 filly - McCurdy’s GeeWizz

2010 colt - McCurdy’s New Promise


This mare is the epitome of McCurdy characteristics and breeding.

Congratulations Lisa Merki !

                 Sunriver Endurance Ride                             Grizzly Mountain Endurance Ride              

                                 2010                                                                             2010                       

Home on the Range Endurance Ride



2009 filly - McCurdy’s  Praise Bee         

2013 filly - McCurdy’s Reba

Oregon Horse Center   Dec 2014

“McCurdy’s Miss Roan”  (Regal)

10006   April 8, 2010

Sire:  McCurdy’s Roan Lightning

Dam: McCurdy’s Merry Casa

Purchased from Ed McCurdy, Jr.

Beautiful 16 hand bay roan mare with exceptional disposition and gait.    Presently in training to be  trail horse supreme.